The 6 Surprising Accommodations in Juba (South Sudan)

If you're here, it's because you want to know what fabulous hotels are in Juba.
In this article is a list composed with hotels that guarantee the general requirements that people are looking for.
It is very likely that you will find a hotel that has everything you want on this list.
Each establishment on the list contains images, a brief description and the location. If you need more information, or if you've even decided to book a room, just click on the button.
The 6 Surprising Accommodations in Juba (South Sudan) – Now you just have to start looking at the list and decide which hotel you want to spend your nights in Juba.

1 - Radisson Blu Hotel Juba

Rated 4.8 in 19 reviews

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Nimule St, Juba

Splendid Lodges in Juba (South Sudan) – Many good points that Radisson Blu Hotel Juba has and you will find out quickly. One of the aspects that stands out the most and which is very important are the rooms, as they are elegant, very comfortable and still contain some details that you will like. Don't worry, the establishment not only has good rooms, but the other spaces also have their charm, with the help of decoration. Cleaning is always important and the team that works at Radisson Blu Hotel Juba show how much they care about keeping everything clean. A hotel that has good details that could make you decide to stay at Radisson Blu Hotel Juba.



Rated 4.6 in 8 reviews

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VH5C+QG8, Konyyonyo, Riverside Plot No., Juba

A hotel that deserves to be even more recognized.
ROYAL PALACE HOTEL - JUBA contains very good features that you will certainly like, such as the comfort of the rooms, but their elegance helps, because it creates a cozy atmosphere. This all means that you will get a good night's sleep.
In relation to other spaces of the establishment, such as the lounge or the dining room, they are refined, so it will make you want to let time pass (Top Hotels in Juba (South Sudan)).
The ROYAL PALACE HOTEL - JUBA staff are very kind and helpful, so if you need any information about the city of Juba or have any questions about the hotel, don't hesitate to ask.
ROYAL PALACE HOTEL - JUBA is a good choice to recharge and then stroll around the city.


3 - Pyramid Continental Hotel

Rated 4.6 in 235 reviews

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RJR7+8H4, Nimule St, Juba

Top Resorts in Juba (South Sudan) - A good hotel that is in Juba.
If you've been looking for a hotel that has some pretty flashy rooms, then you'll definitely have to try staying a few nights at Pyramid Continental Hotel.
Not only that, but also the rest of the hotel's spaces are not far behind in terms of beauty. If the concern is cleanliness, then there is no reason to do so, as it is something that the team responsible for the hotel focuses on so that guests do not have any bad surprises.
As for breakfast, there is a good variety of choice for guests, so it does not disappoint in that regard, as it is also important to mention that the food is usually very well prepared.
Is it a hotel that meets the requirements you were looking for?


4 - Airport Plaza Hotel

Rated 3.6 in 41 reviews

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Yellow School Bus Rd, Juba

Sensational Inns in Juba - Start packing, it is very likely that this could be the hotel you were looking for.
Airport Plaza Hotel is not only a good establishment, it is also very well located, so don't be surprised that some of the points of interest you want to visit are not far away. There are also some restaurants nearby, so enjoy and try the country's cuisine.
Regarding the hotel, it has a beautiful design, which helps to draw attention, but the rooms are what stands out the most, so a good nights sleep is practically a given.
You will not regret spending your nights at this hotel. Just take the opportunity to get to know the wonderful city that is located in South Sudan.


5 - Panorama Portico Hotel

Rated 4.3 in 40 reviews

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Plot No. 241, Block No. BXVI, HaiMatar, CES, Juba, 337 Juba

A hotel with great strengths, managing to stand out from many others.
But first, let's talk about the location, Panorama Portico Hotel is quite well located, as it is close to certain points of interest and restaurants, if you want to try some of the typical dishes of the region.
Regarding the hotel, it contains magnificent rooms, as they have colors that match everything else, but the best thing is that they are very cozy, which guarantees a good rest (Top Resorts in Juba).
If you need to go online, use the establishment's Wi-Fi and share some of the moments you've had in the city of Juba on social media.
When you enter this hotel, you will quickly realize that it was a good choice.


6 - Crown Hotel

Rated 4 in 94 reviews

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VJ54+XR4, Juba

For such a beautiful city, Crown Hotel could be the ideal place to spend your nights.
Both the exterior and the interior of the hotel draw attention for their beauty. The rooms do not disappoint in any way, as they are not only very comfortable, but also have a very refined design. The way everything is organized in the rooms, helps even more in their beauty (Attractive Hotels in Juba).
The other spaces in the building are not very different, not to mention they are quite spacious.
As for cleanliness, it's something that is always taken very seriously at Crown Hotel, everything is always very clean and sanitized.
Ready to spend your nights in this hotel that contains many positive aspects?


Sweet Resorts In Juba (South Sudan) - Conclusion:

You just got to know some of the best hotels in the city of Juba, which establishment caught your attention the most?
All these hotels respect their guests to the fullest, on purpose so that the experience is the best.
Once you've chosen the establishment you want to stay, don't forget to book a room for the days you'll be spending in Juba. If you leave the reservation for later, it is possible that you will not be able to make it later, because the hotel may already be full.
Sweet Resorts in Juba (South Sudan) – We wish you a great time and that everything goes well in Juba and above all enjoy your stay to the fullest.