The 3 Pleasant Inns in Al Basrah (Iraq)

Discover the best hotels in the city of Al Başrah now.
The list we created was based on some requirements that we consider that the hotel has to have, one of the examples being comfort.
In each establishment, you will be able to see images, a brief description, the location (if you want to know if it is close to certain areas that you intend to go), general evaluation and even a link.
The 3 Pleasant Inns in Al Basrah (Iraq) – See now which hotels are on this list, because you will most likely find one that has the requirements you want.

1 - Basrah International Airport Hotel

Rated 4.3 in 32 reviews

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Airport Highway, Basrah

If you book a room at Basrah International Airport Hotel, you won't regret it.
There are many reasons why you should love this hotel, one of them is the rooms, because they have impressive comfort, so you will certainly have a good night's sleep. The elegant design of areas such as the dining room or even the lounge will probably make you more satisfied when you chose this establishment.
The hotel team is very competent, whether in cleaning, or in reception, in order to always leave guests satisfied.
Amazing Inns in Al Basrah (Iraq) – The Basrah International Airport Hotel is without a doubt a great choice if you decide to travel to the city of Al Basrah.


2 - Horizon hotel

Rated 4.3 in 342 reviews

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GR4Q+W43, Basrah

What do you think about staying in an excellent hotel like this?
In Al Basrah you will be surprised by the exterior beauty, but also by the interior, which contains an appealing decoration.
The team responsible for Horizon hotel is very kind to the guests, but mainly competent. If you need any help or information, don't hesitate to talk to the reception staff, they will help in any way they can.
Regarding breakfast, this hotel contains a wide variety, so you will not be disappointed.
Cozy Accommodations in Al Basrah (Iraq) - A hotel must always have its strengths, in order to attract people, something that is not lacking in Horizon hotel. Our Trip And Search team approves this establishment.


3 - Shams AL- Basra Hotel

Rated 4.2 in 6 reviews

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GQGF+8G3, Watan, Basrah

Shams AL- Basra Hotel has some details you might like.
The hotel has very good rooms, not only because they are spacious, but because of their beauty and especially because they are comfortable. Like most establishments, Shams AL- Basra Hotel provides Wi-Fi for guests, this means you can access social networks or even watch some news, etc.
If you're worried about cleanliness, don't be, because at this hotel, the staff always leave everything very clean, be it the rooms or other spaces such as the dining room.
Formidable Hotels in Al Basrah (Iraq) – See the images of the hotel and find out if it will be ideal for you to stay a few nights.


Incredible Resorts In Al Başrah (Iraq) - Conclusion:

You've just seen the fabulous hotels that are in Al Başrah, let's hope you've found the hotel that has everything you want.
Don't forget to book a room, then just wait for the day you travel to Iraq to arrive. We advise you to view some images of the wonderful tourist attractions that are located in Al Başrah on the internet.
If in the future you need to look for wonderful hotels in another city that you want to spend a few days, come back to our website.
Incredible Resorts in Al Başrah (Iraq) - We hope you have a good trip and have fun in Iraq, more precisely in Al Başrah.