The 6 Stunning Lodges in Aligarh (India)

The number of hotels is increasing more and more in cities, for that reason, we made this specific article, showing the best hotels that are in Alīgarh.
The establishments we have selected contain what we think are the main requirements for you to be minimally satisfied (The 6 Stunning Lodges in Aligarh (India)).
All the hotels that you will see in this list, we show not only images, but also the rating, a brief description, the location and a link if you need more information about the hotel you are interested in.
Without further ado, see the list we have prepared for you right now.

1 - Hotel New anand palace

Rated 3.8 in 307 reviews

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3/29, Ayodhyapuri, Samad Road,, Centre Point, Aligarh

Hotel New anand palace has a lot of good things, one of them being the bedrooms.
We are talking about beautiful rooms, as they have striking colors and that accentuate well with the furniture. Apart from that, you can take advantage of the air conditioning to cool or heat the room and you can even enjoy the Wi-Fi, if you want to share the good times you are having in Aligarh on social media.
Cleanliness is always important and this establishment does not fail because the staff regularly cleans all areas of the hotel.
Formidable Resorts in Aligarh – Most likely you found some of the requirements you want in this hotel, so why not stay there for a few nights? You won't regret it.


2 - OYO Flagship 83441 Surprise Farm House

Rated 3.9 in 85 reviews

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2/848, Rajeev Nagar, Bye Pass, Quarsi, Aligarh

OYO Flagship 83441 Surprise Farm House is one of the most chosen by people who want to visit the city of Aligarh.
It all starts with the rooms, which are spacious and have a very appealing design. In addition, comfort is one of the things that will certainly not be lacking.
Regarding breakfast, the establishment has a huge variety, as it should be noted that all products are of good quality, which is excellent.
Now let's talk about the location, OYO Flagship 83441 Surprise Farm House is located not far from certain points of interest and restaurants that might interest you.
Fantastic Accommodations in Aligarh – Try staying at this hotel and you will understand better why it is one of the most chosen in Aligarh.


3 - Hotel Royal Vrindavan, Aligarh

Rated 4.8 in 363 reviews

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MG Road, near Dubey ka padav, opp. Janki Bai dharamshala, Purana Hathras Adda, Gandhi Park, Aligarh

Hotel Royal Vrindavan, Aligarh usually has a lot of customers and it's not by chance.
One of the reasons why this establishment always has a lot of people, is due to the excellent rooms, we are talking more precisely about very comfortable rooms, which guarantee a good rest.
Also enjoy the services that the establishment provides, you will not be sorry.
If your concern is the location, we can say that the hotel is close to some areas that you will want to visit to try the typical dishes of the country (India), or even discover tourist attractions.
Charming Hotels in Aligarh (India) – Is this the hotel you will choose to spend your nights in Aligarh?


4 - Hotel Alig Inn

Rated 4.1 in 132 reviews

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Diggi Rd, Lal Diggi, Civil Lines, Aligarh

One of the stunning hotels that are in India, more precisely in Aligarh.
Both the rooms and the other areas are simply impressive, due to their exquisite design, as well as being very cozy.
Staff clean the premises regularly, so you will always find everything very clean (Relevant Hotels in Aligarh). If you need information, or to clarify doubts, just talk to the staff at reception, who will help you with whatever you need.
The location of Hotel Alig Inn is quite privileged, as you can easily go to tourist areas of the city, as well as try the delicacies of the region in some of the restaurants that are nearby.
Are you ready to be in a fabulous hotel like this?


5 - Hotel Orchid Blu

Rated 4.7 in 3162 reviews

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Hotel Orchid Blu, Ramghat Rd, Kishanpur, Janakpuri, Hem Chand Compound, Aligarh

What do you think about staying at this hotel?
Hotel Orchid Blu contains several strengths that deserve to be highlighted.
One of the strong points is the rooms, very comfortable, with some amenities and with a very elegant design (colors match the furniture).
Another strong point is the fact that the other spaces, such as the dining room and the lounge, have a friendly atmosphere and more.
All spaces in Hotel Orchid Blu are always very clean, so it will be very difficult to find dirt.
Thrilling Hotels in Aligarh – If you're ready to visit the city of Aligarh which is in India, then why not spend your nights in Hotel Orchid Blu?


6 - Lemon Tree Hotel, Aligarh

Rated 4.3 in 935 reviews

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B/11, Marris Rd, opp. Pragati Vihar, Amir Nishan, Aligarh

It could be just another hotel, but it's not.
Lemon Tree Hotel, Aligarh contains a lot of interesting details that you will probably like. A good example is the way the rooms are structured, so you can have a relaxing night in the city of Aligarh.
The remaining installations are very elegant, largely due to the decoration and the chosen colors (Charming Hotels in Aligarh).
Regarding cleanliness, this is something that the staff take very seriously, which means that you will find all areas always very clean.
From the images you can see that it is an excellent hotel and that it deserves to be in this article.


Stunning Inns In Alīgarh (India) - Conclusion:

Stunning Inns in Alīgarh (India) – You have reached the end of the article and it is likely that you have found a hotel on the list that has everything you were looking for.
Now that you've chosen the establishment to spend your nights in Alīgarh, just book a room. After making the reservation, you can focus on packing, in case the day you will travel to India is near.
If in the near future you travel to another city, do not hesitate to come to our website to discover the best hotels in that city.
We hope you have a great trip and that everything goes well on your new adventure.