The 4 Surprising Lodges in Puente Cascallares (Argentina)

Do you want to know which are the stunning hotels that are in Puente Cascallares?
In this article you will find hotels that can distinguish themselves from the competition. Whether hotels with excellent rooms, others with a good location, you will find a little bit of everything in this list that we created for you (The 4 Surprising Lodges in Puente Cascallares (Argentina)).
Here you will find images of each hotel, a brief description and also the location. If you are more curious about a specific hotel, or even want to book a room, just click on the link available there.
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1 - Los Plátanos Cabañas & Suites

Rated 4.2 in 823 reviews

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Padre Varvello 4429, Moreno

Los Plátanos Cabañas & Suites is an impressive hotel to stay, whether with family or alone.
Every detail at this establishment counts and you are sure to love it.
The team that is responsible for the hotel is always focused on customer satisfaction, which is great, because it means that the staff will help you whenever you need it. From customer service or even cleaning, it's something that is done in a very professional way (Magnificent Accommodations in Puente Cascallares).
Relatively to where Los Plátanos Cabañas & Suites is located, it is in a privileged area, because nearby there are some tourist attractions that you may like, as well as some areas where you can try the country's gastronomy (Argentina).
We hope you enjoyed this amazing hotel.


2 - Wyndham Garden Lujan

Rated 4.2 in 1025 reviews

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Ruta No 6 y, Rio Lujan, Luján

If you're looking for a hotel with beautiful rooms that guarantee comfort, then you really need to check out Wyndham Garden Lujan.
The hotel is well located in Puente Cascallares, so you can take advantage of this aspect, as there are some accesses, points of interest and restaurants nearby (if you want to try the country's cuisine).
As for the establishment, it is undoubtedly quite refined, whether in the dining room or lounge, as in the other spaces, including the bedrooms.
Speaking of breakfast, Wyndham Garden Lujan offers a wide variety. We also mention that the quality of the food is good (Impressive Accommodations in Puente Cascallares (Argentina)).
A hotel worth staying for a few nights.


3 - La Ysidora Hotel & Spa

Rated 4.4 in 310 reviews

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Aconcagua 80, Bella Vista

A formidable hotel that is in the city of Puente Cascallares.
The hotel's strong point is the rooms itself, as they are comfortable and refined. If you want to be connected to social networks, you don't have to worry, because the hotel has Wi-Fi available for all guests.
As for the remaining spaces, they have an appealing design, which helps to make their environment much more welcoming (Attractive Inns in Puente Cascallares (Argentina)).
The breakfast that may surprise you on the positive side, since there are only a few establishments that manage to have a lot of variety like La Ysidora Hotel & Spa.
It is quite possible that this hotel has the requirements you were looking for.



Rated 5 in 2 reviews

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Laprida 1660, José C. Paz

SUEÑO DORADO is in a very interesting part of the city of Puente Cascallares.
If you are a person who likes to try the cuisine of the country you are visiting, that means you will have to go to the restaurants close to the hotel.
You will fall in love with the city, which has many points of interest that you will enjoy seeing. Not only that, but the population of Puente Cascallares is very welcoming.
As for the hotel, you will not be disappointed, as it has good rooms, so you will certainly have a good rest (Wonderful Lodges in Puente Cascallares).
An establishment that is in a privileged area and that contains many advantages. If you're convinced, don't waste any more time.


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