The 6 Awesome Lodges in Camana (Angola)

The search for hotels is sometimes quite boring, for that reason, in this article we show you fabulous hotels that are in Camana and that you will definitely choose one of them.
All the hotels that are on this list were made on the basis of some general requirements that people look for, such as comfort.
For each establishment mentioned here, we showed images, location and a button (in case you need more information about the particular hotel or even want to book now).
The 6 Awesome Lodges in Camana (Angola) – Time is precious, so start looking at the hotels that are on the list.

1 - Mika Hotel Luanda

Rated 3.4 in 25 reviews

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39VF+7G8, Viana

In this article, Mika Hotel Luanda could not be missing.
There are many reasons to seriously think about spending the nights at this hotel. One of them are the rooms, as they are not only spacious, but comfortable and have a very elegant design.
The remaining spaces are welcoming, such as the lounge or even the dining room. Since we're talking about meals, you can try the establishment's breakfast, where you'll find a wide variety (Luxury Lodges in Camana (Angola)).
The team that is responsible for Mika Hotel Luanda is very competent and they receive people in a friendly way.
You have to take this hotel into consideration, due to the large amount of positive points it has.


2 - Rosa Valls Hotel

Rated 3.5 in 104 reviews

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35WP+4RW, Av. Pedro de Castro Van-Dúnem Loy, Luanda

You are about to discover the hotel where you will most likely spend your nights, we are talking about Rosa Valls Hotel.
We are talking about a wonderful establishment that contains good rooms (comfortable and beautiful) and common areas with a very elegant design.
If you are a person who likes to try the delicacies of the region you are visiting, you can start with the hotel's breakfast, which has a lot of variety. Later you can go to the nearby restaurants (Glamorous Hotels in Camana (Angola)).
Camana is a very beautiful city and it is advisable to stay in a hotel that gives you all the conditions to rest well, as is the case with this establishment.


3 - Don Gal Hotel Luanda

Rated 3.5 in 151 reviews

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38MH+FM7, Estrada Camama-Viana, Luanda

Wonderful Inns in Camana – Many good points that Don Gal Hotel Luanda has and you will find out quickly. One of the aspects that stands out the most and which is very important are the rooms, as they are elegant, very comfortable and still contain some details that you will like. Don't worry, the establishment not only has good rooms, but the other spaces also have their charm, with the help of decoration. Cleaning is always important and the team that works at Don Gal Hotel Luanda show how much they care about keeping everything clean. A hotel that has good details that could make you decide to stay at Don Gal Hotel Luanda.


4 - Palmeiras Suite Hotel

Rated 4.3 in 797 reviews

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Luanda Sul, Luanda

A hotel that differentiates itself from the others that are in Camana.
The Palmeiras Suite Hotel has large rooms with a very attractive design, but it doesn't stop there, comfort is also something that is not lacking, which will guarantee a good night's sleep if you want to stay at the hotel (Best Hotels in Camana).
The location is another strong point of the establishment, as it is not far from certain areas that are sure to be of interest to you. If you want to try some of the delicacies of the region, you can always go to the restaurants near Palmeiras Suite Hotel.
There are more and more hotels, but few like this one. Ready to spend a few days in Camana?


5 - Hotel Florença

Rated 3.5 in 209 reviews

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Av. Luanda Sul em frente ao Belas Shopping

It is quite possible that this is the hotel you will choose to spend your nights in Camana.
Whether the rooms or common areas, they are very elegant and everything is always very clean, which is no surprise, since the team responsible for the establishment is very competent. Even better is that the staff are kind and help to answer guests' questions or even give some information about the city if guests ask.
Another important aspect is the location, Hotel Florença is close to some areas that may be of your liking, such as points of interest or restaurants where you want to try the cuisine of the country.
Charming Hotels in Camana (Angola) - A hotel that guarantees a good night's sleep.


6 - Hotel Victoria Garden

Rated 3.8 in 344 reviews

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Are you ready to get to know a hotel that may have everything you were looking for?
Hotel Victoria Garden contains good rooms, as they are not only comfortable but also very beautiful. The rest of the establishment's spaces are quite elegant, which helps to make the atmosphere more friendly and welcoming.
As for breakfast, you will be surprised by the wide variety that this hotel offers, but the best thing is that everything is very well prepared.
It should be noted that cleaning is carried out very regularly, so it will be very difficult to find any type of dirt, whether in the rooms or in other spaces.
Awesome Hotels in Camana – Good hotel to spend the nights in Camana.


Incredible Lodges In Camana (Angola) - Conclusion:

Incredible Lodges in Camana (Angola) – Did you like to see the list of excellent hotels in Camana? We believe so.
Now that you've seen the article, you just need to decide which hotel you want to relax in the nights you'll spend in the wonderful city in Angola. After choosing the hotel, all you have to do is book a room for the days you will be there.
Once you make your reservation, you can start imagining the great times you will have at Angola.
We wish you a good trip and hope you have a good time in the beautiful city of Camana.